10 April 2014

Have A Good Time (#429)

The Blues Room, 9 April 2014
Episode # 429

What ever you're doing make sure you have a good time doing it. As my father would often say, 'if you don't enjoy yourself, its your own jolly fault.' Wisdom then, wisdom now.

1. Big Walter Horton - Have A Good Time
2. Branch, Cotton, Musselwhite, Norcia - Harp To Harp
3. Eric Bibb, Rory Block, Maria Muldaur - Don't Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
4. Eddie Cotton - Berry So Black
5. The Flaming Mudcats - Lately [NZ]
6. John Brim - Be Careful What You Do
7. Hound Dog Taylor - Give Me Back My Wig
8. Albert Castiglia - Bad Avenue
9. Blu Acid - Here I Go

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