14 February 2013

The Blues Room # 369 The 'A' List

Albert King (April 25, 1923 – December 21, 1992)

In last week's episode I mentioned how I'd like to present some shows that covered the ABCs of the blues. Well, during the week I went back to listen to artists who started with the letter A and because I found some great blues in my collection I decided to s-s-l-l-o-o-w-w things right down. I'm taking it back to the letter A in this episode. Theres just too much good blues to quickly gloss over it. I won't be presenting the definitive ABCs of must-listen to blues but I will be presenting the ABCs of blues that moves me.

And keep those texts, emails and facebook messages coming with your entries to win the Deep Purple and Journey tickets. 

Episode 369, 13 February 2013
1. Albert Cummings - Drink Party And Dance
2. Alberta Hunter - My Handy Man ain't Handy no more 
3. A is for "Any Way You Want It" by the band Journey 
4. Alamo Leal & Flavio Guimaraes - Up The Line 
5. Andy Santana - No Naggin No Draggin 
6. Anders Osborne - Echoes of My Sins 
7. Albert Collins, Robert Cray and Johnny Copeland - T-Bone Shuffle 
8. Albert King - I Won't Be Hanging Around 
9. Albert Castiglia - Hoo Doo Man Blues 
10. Ana Popovic - Unconditional

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