8 September 2012

The Blues Room # 346 Heritage Blues Orchestra

The Blues Room 346, 5 Sept 2012
I can't remember how I discovered the heritage Blues orchestra but I'm so glad I did. This band is authentic sounding and has so many accomplished musicians in it that its well worth your interest. I start this episode with a new track sent to me featuring the late Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith (an ex-Muddy Waters Band drummer) with Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson. As it turns out, Willie's son, Kenny 'Beedy Eyes' smith is the drummer for Heritage Blues Orchestra!
Download this episode: 346
Click here for more info about Heritage Blues Orchestra and to get free download: http://www.heritagebluesorchestra.com/home.cfm
1. Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith - and Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson - Born In Arkansas
2. Paul Rishell - Big Road Blues
3. Robert Lockwood Jr and Carey Bell - I'm A Steady Rollin' Man
4. Heritage Blues Orchestra (HBO) - Clarkesdale Moan
5. HBO - C-Line Woman
6. HBO - Big Legged Woman
7. HBO - Catfish Blues
8. HBO - Go Down Hannah
9. HBO - Get Right Church
10. HBO - Hard Times

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