10 February 2012

The Blues Room # 316

Episode 316, 8 February 2012

I'm joined by President of Hamilton Blues Society, Tony Kaye, once again to hear 'wassup' regarding the blues society and happenings in and around Hamilton. Plus we phone Diana Harris (USA) to catch up with her about her up coming shows and get to sample some of her sweet blues. We hear some awesome new blues from Richard Carr, a French-Canadian singer-guitarist, who is truly outstanding. PLEASE check him out here. And it was nice to have Dave in the studio with Tony and I too, check out his project online here and see what he had to say about The Blues room airing for the 300th time. Hope you enjoy the show.

1. Richard Carr - Tell Everybody
2. Diana Harris - Make Me Shake
3. Diana Harris - Hate To Say Goodbye
4. Richard Carr - Toughen Up
5. Son Roberts - Brakeman
6. Tony Kaye and Nate Taiapa - Yo Yo Mac (LIVE in The Blues Room)
7. Richard Carr - Blues For Ronnie


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