15 April 2011

The Blues Room 273

The Blues Room presents ...


Epiosde 273, 13 April 2011

Its been awhile since I got on air and just played real good blues that I am really fond of.

This episode kinda marks the place where I spin blues that I really REALLY enjoy.

Thats not to say I haven't REALLY enjoyed what I've played up to this point, it just means

I'm going to be true to myself and actually do myself a favour and enjoy the show that I host.

So what would you expect in such a show other than some good ole harmonica blues. I first heard the band Blues Etilicos (Brazil) on a Putamayo compilation and totally dug the harmonica solo. I went looking for some more blues by them and found a few tasty cuts so have spun them on this epsiode for you. Hope you enjoy them as much asI do!

1. Blues Etilicos - The Hook's Boogie

2. John Lee Hooker - Run On

3. William Clarke - The Complainers Boogie Woogie

4. Blues Etilicos - Maracujina

5. Joe Bonamassa - Blues Deluxe

6. Blues Etilicos - Caneriano Sem Lar (Clinica Tobias Blues)

7. Harpdog Brown and Graham Guest - You Don't Have To Go

8. The Matthew Skoller Blues Band - These Kind Of Blues

9. Blues Etilicos - Crossroads

10. Buddy Guy - Everybodys Got To Go

11. Darcy Perry Band - Club A Go Go [NZ]

12. Dr. John - Say Whut?

13. Blues Etilicos - Real Good Woman

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