11 March 2011

The Blues Room 267 Peter Van Vroonhoven (HBS) Joins Nate On Air

The Blues Room presents ...

Interview with Peter Van Vroonhoven

Episode 267, 2 March 2011

Special guest, Peter van Vroonhoven, from the Hamilton Blues Society (thats him between Phil-L and myself-R, above) joins me on air tonight to talk all about the upcoming Rotunda Blues gig we have organized. He spins some mighty fine blues so download the show and enjoy.

1. Eric Bibb with Ruthie Foster - For You
2. Ruthie Foster - Stone Love
3. Ali Penney and the Money Makers - Temptation
4. Cyndi Lauper with BB King - Early in the Morning
5. Boz Scaggs - It All Went Down the Drain
6. Boz Scaggs - Early in the Morning
7. Rob Paparozzi - Monkey Around
8. The Thomas Oliver Band - Goin Home [NZ]
9. Chris Rea - Gospel Train
10. Chris Rea - Catfish Girl


InkSlingerDucky said...

I'm learning how to play the harmonica myself. =) On top of that, I think chem-free events are important to good communities. Aside from the damages to property and person, fun is often about more than booze, huh? =)

Nate said...

I couldn't agree more with you InkSlinerDucky!!! I like family-friendly events. How's your harmonica playing coming along? I'm posting some 'harmonica' focused episodes soon, hope you like them.