24 May 2010

The Blues Room#226 Johnny Stash Band LIVE in the Studio

The Blues Room presents ...
Johnny Stash Band LIVE
Episode 226, 19 May 2010

I love having this local Hamilton band 'Johnny Stash' in the studio with me. They fill the whole place with not only their own good looking selves but with good sounding tunes! They have a new album out now called "Rum, Rockabilly and the Stash" so go get ya self a copy.
The sound quality of the download is not always the best but I'm sure you'll get an idea of just how much this band can rock when they start to roll!

1. Johnny Stash - Fool She Can Bear [NZ]
2. Johnny Stash - No Excuse [NZ]
3. Johnny Stash - Back of the Line [NZ]
4. Johnny Cash - Man Comes Round
5. Johnny Stash - Long Black Train [NZ]
6. Johnny Stash - Wellington [NZ]
7. Johnny Stash - Do or Don't [NZ]
8. Jimmy Reed - Bright Lights, Big City
9. Johnny Stash - Cut Me Some Slack [NZ]
10. Johnny Stash - Te Rapa Straight [NZ]
11. Johnny Stash - Love Has a Way [NZ]


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