22 April 2009

Ruf Records = Big Daddy Wilson : Love Is The Key

Big Daddy Wilson : Love Is The Key

Big Daddy Wilson is an American singer and songwriter who found his
home in northern Germany. When he came over from the U.S. there was no
blues in his baggage. He initially discovered the blues here in
Germany which is where he will begin his international career.
For «Love Is The Key« he recorded his own songs exclusively with a
small band; taking it back to the roots, often reduced to acoustic
instruments, but always full of soul. His good friend Eric Bibb guests
on two songs about Wilson's roots :«Country Boy« and «Walk A Mile In
My Shoes«. He's very proud of Bibb´s presence because «I've learnt so
much from him,« says Wilson.
The fruits of this learning can be tasted on Big Daddy's imminent European Tour.


April 2009
25.04.09 Ahrensburg / Rossa
30.04.09 Kempten / Jazzfrühling, Big Daddy & Blues Company

Mai 2009
02.05.09 Ungarn-Budapest / Festival,Big Daddy Wilson & Ripoff
03.05.09 Ungarn-Budapest / Festival,Big Daddy Wilson & Ripoff
05.05.09 Luxemburg / Línui
06.05.09 Luxemburg / Línui
07.05.09 Luxemburg / Línui
08.05.09 Leinzell / Cafe Leinmüller
15.05.09 Bevern / Schloss Bevern
20.05.09 Lüdinghausen / Ricordo
22.05.09 Dresden / Festival tbc
23.05.09 Forst / Manitu Liveclub , mit Jochen
29.05.09 Bremen-Vegesack / Haven Höövt
31.05.09 Hohwacht / Seaside Lounge mit Dave Goodman

Juni 2009
06.06.09 Gladbeck / tba
11.06.09 Belm / Gaststätte Lecon
27.06.09 Neupetersheim / Gut Geisendorf

Juli 2009
26.07.09 Saarbrücken
31.07.09 Grand Jam/ Bergkamen

August 2009
01.08.09 Grand Jam / Georgsmarinenhütte / Waldbühne
14.08.09 Homburg /Musiksommer
21.08.09 Laubach / Bluesfestival Blues, Schmus & Apfelmus

September 2009
05.09.09 Bremen / Haus am Walde
11.+12.09.09 Litauen / tba mit Ripoff

Oktober 2009
02.10.09 Tungendorf/Neumünster ( duo) / Volkshaus
03.10.09 FIN Jyväskylä / Hotel Jyväshovi

On tour


Oli Brown (Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Norway, Poland)
Dani Wilde (Austria, Germany)
Friend 'n Fellow (Austria, Germany, France, Sweden)
Erja Lyytinen (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Finland, Norway, Poland)
Joanne Shaw Taylor (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Finland,
Norway, Poland)
Wentus Blues Band (Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden)



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