22 March 2008

Things get better each day

Well I'm totally in Blues Radio DJ heaven. I got to sit and interview John Hammond, would you believe. I told John that his album, "Fattening Frogs for Snakes was one of the first blues albums I bought. I love his high end harmonica playing and his vocals. Hes a very gentle and warm man who had a feeling of respect about him. His wife was nearby so I got a pic of them both. I'll post the interview as a podcast soon at http://huffa_puffa.podomatic.com/

Then I got to sit with Charlie Musselwhite, his wife was nearby too. They both remembered me from their last visit to New Zealand, cool! Charlie says he's coming back to NZ with the Roger Fox Big Band in October, keep an eye out.

I caught Charlie's first performance at BF on the Friday night. He seemed to be getting feedback from his mic which seemed to bug him but he carried on and as usual brought the whole house, or should I say tent, down. John Hammond joined him on stage for a few numbers too.

Earlier in the day I was blown away by Jake Shimabukuro, the worlds best Uekele player.

Below are the master (and mistress) minds of BluesFest! With me first is the wonderful Michael Chugg and beautiful Gaynor Crawford ...

... and again with the great Peter noble. All are wonderful people who are down to earth and who know exactly how to have a hell of a good time. Thanks guys, from your number one NZ fan!

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