13 December 2006

Got my Mojo working: Muddy Waters Band with my favorite harmonica player Jerry Portnoy

Sharing harmonicas!!! I've always been told this is a No No.
I don't share my own harps, even with better players than me,
but then I'm not Jerry Portnoy or Junior Wells am I.

I could be misreading what I've just watched on this YouTube clip
but I swear Jerry is setting up a harmonica and mic for Junior Wells. Could it be one of Jerry's harps or maybe a brand spanking new harp! (yeah right!)

The scene is right at the end (sorry, don't know how to make clips

Try watching at about 6.06 (time wise), you'll see Junior
reintroducing Muddy Waters, asking him to return to the stage BUT take
special note of Jerry in the background, I'm sure he flicks a harp
from his back pocket, sets it up on the mic and right at the end of
the clip hands it out for Junior to take. I don't know if I'm seeing
this right but my question is: If Junior took the harp and mic from
Jerry did Junior know where the harp had just come from?

Wasn't/Isn't Jerry a smoker? Yuck!

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